You must have heard of game of different types that are available these days online. But, it is interesting to know that one of the games that were a hit in online market has come to thrill you physically.
The name of the game is escape room games. Yes, it is the same game that is a hit on online platform. The game has now the physical presence and in the game in-place of a virtual player, a person asked to do all the things that player used to do in the online game.
Some of the factors that make it amazing are
• Lots of funThe games are played for fun and excitement. Without these two things, no play will be called as game and will be liked by people. The escape room also has both the elements. But, what makes it more interesting and thrilling is it is a live game. You become the player in the game and you yourself struggle in the game with various elements given. This extends the level of fun in the game and makes it more interesting and appealing.
• Team build optionThe physical escape room game has something different in it. In the game there is option present to the player to make and a team and solve the puzzle. It is a kind of great indoor team building games. This is a feature that makes this game more exciting and full of fun.
• Different play areasUnlike the online game, the physical game has many things that make it extraordinary. In the physical game the there are rooms present, all with different challenges and different saving elements. You can be placed in any of the room and will be asked to play. Thus, every time, you will come to the place to play the game, you will have all new and different experience.
• Loads of challengesThe game is more challenging than its online version. Because, unlike in than online game, in the physical escape room games, there are no clues available to the players that help them to crack the puzzle. Here, you yourself have to apply your logic and find out the way to solve the puzzle. This factor makes the game more challenging than the online version.
So, these are some of the factors that make this escape room game a must play game for everyone who love playing challenging games. It has all the elements to take your adventure level at the highest point and make you feel thrilled.