If one is pregnant and about to give birth this is the question which would keep troubling both mother and father. All the parents want to give their best to the child and taking care of a new born may not be easy but there are certain things which every couple can do to take care of him/her some of which have been stated below: stylish maternity wear

Get help after birth 

Getting help would make things easier especially if it’s the first child. During the first child the parents have no experience so they often panic when the baby keeps crying. Usually mothers of the couple come to help them but if this is not an option one could hire a professional nurse to help them with their child. There are certain things which needs to be done to a new born such as after feeding it’s important to make them burp and nurse will be a great help here. 

Keep things clean and easy 

 A New born can easily get sick so to avoid baby getting any sort of infection one needs to maintain a good hygiene. The room of the new-born has to be clean. Every time someone insists on carrying the child or even if it’s the parents they should make sure that they sanitize their hands well before doing so. Mothers should wear nursing blouse to make breastfeeding easy. Initially this would be painful and baby would take hours so wearing comfortable clothes will make things easy for the mother. 

Be extra careful 

It takes time for a baby to get hold of their head. So initially it is important that one handles their head with care. Most of the mothers think that if the baby is crying it is either because they are sleepy or hungry and this may not always be the case. Just because a baby is crying doesn’t mean they have to keep feeding him/her. Doctors now recommend to have at least a 3 hour gap after each breast feed so if the baby is cranky it could be for other reasons such as stomach pain. 

Share the work 

It is not just a mother’s duty to look after the baby. Fathers need to be equally responsible. It’s important for men to make time for their wives at this point because many women feel isolated and fall into post-partum depression. If one cannot make time to go out then they could show love by buying new presents for their wife such as stylish maternity wear 

In order to take care of the baby it’s important to make sure that the couple maintains their own bond strong to give the best to their baby.